These 4 Tips Are Great For Organizing Your Warehouse

A neat warehouse will make it easier for us to find items that are needed. The stored items are not quickly damaged because of the damp or stacked air. In addition, a clean Self storage will not become a nest of insects so that it helps maintain the health of the house

Well, for those of you whose warehouse is still far from neat and clean, it’s still not too late. With these 4 steps, the warehouse will be more neatly organized. Come on, warehouse cleaning!

1. Prioritize Cleanliness

Perform total cleaning by removing all items in the warehouse and cleaning every part of the room – floor, ceiling walls – of all dirt. If the wall is not good, take the time to scrape and repaint the walls with moist and anti-fungal paint. For periodic maintenance, clean the warehouse at a fixed interval, for example sweeping and mopping every day and 6 months of total cleaning.

2. Optimize Shelves

Make a special rack of strong material – like iron – with a knockdown system so you can adjust the height as needed. Adjust the dimensions of the shelf to the size of the room to be efficient. Leave a gap of about 10cm at the bottom of the rack so that it can be cleaned and the items are not prone to be exposed to standing water.

3. Look at the age of the item

Some items have use value or expiration, for example, electronic equipment. Make it a habit to dispose of, sell, or recycle unused items such as used boxes of household appliances. If there are items that can be resold, you can collect them and do a garage sale with your neighbors as complex.

4. Group according to function

To facilitate storage and search, group items according to function or need. For example, collect holiday knacks in the same cardboard to facilitate search if needed. Or collect cooking utensils in the same area.

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